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3rd August 2018

Successfully creating a classy modern wedding can be a challenge, but it’s not as big of a challenge as you may think. This blog will give you all the tips and tricks to help you add those modern touches to your special day.

Before stressing over the finer details of your big day, it’s important to have a clear idea of the colours and shapes that you want to use. Keep the colours and shapes in mind when reading this blog and take notes on how to correctly add them to your modern themed wedding.

Clean lines and detailed designs

Nothing says modern more than clean lines, with detailed geometric designs and patterns becoming increasingly popular among modern weddings, as the clean lines and sharp patterns are stylish and easy to use.

Clean lines can be used in all aspects of the wedding, from the wedding dress (a sleek wedding dress with a side split) to the furniture. Ceremony seats like the Double Fish Event Wedding Chair and the Resin Wedding Chiavari Chair use clean lines to add style to the ceremony without overwhelming the traditional event with too much detail.

Detailed designs, seen in the Gold Wire Soho Chair and the Rose Gold Z Wire Chair, are ideal for the wedding reception where the modern wedding theme will truly shine.

Pops of rich colour

It’s important that the colours don’t overwhelm the finer details of your wedding, as too much of the wrong colour can quickly turn your wedding from a classy occasion into tacky event.

Rich colours with deep tones, like the colours seen in the Oz Bar Stool and the Stainless Steel Upholstered Armchair, will pick up on the darker shades in the space and help create a rich classy feel.

Lighter colours can add to those modern elements, with the lighter base shades seen in the Ripple-Back Velvet Sofa, the Round Ottoman and the Pink Velvet Lounge Chair creating a the clean, modern and effortless feel to the space.

Shape and Symmetrical styling

Wedding table
Wedding reception’s symmetrical placement and styling, photograph from Pxhere.

A balanced layout is easily created with square or rectangle tables (as seen above), however creating symmetry with round tables can prove to be difficult.Symmetry helps create a ceremony and reception that looks thoughtfully placed and put together, rather than cluttered and thrown together.

Add symmetrical elements to circular tables, like the Round Trestle Table, by carefully arranging the table decor. Keep consistent with the colours, textures and placement of the dining items (this includes everything from the napkins to the cutlery and the name cards) to help create a beautiful, balanced, table setting.

Just as the reception shown above has done, it’s important to remember the three elements (clean lines, rich colours and symmetrical placement and styling) when creating the modern wedding of your dreams.

You can recreate the wedding reception seen above with the Wood Chiavaria Wedding Chair and a well-made rectangle table from Serenity Made’s large range.

By Tia Somerville