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Banquette Seating – How to customise with Serenity Made

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Banquette seating stands out. Whether it is stylish or not, your customers will notice it. It is a fantastic way to get more patrons seated and if done right can look fantastic.

Serenity Made prides itself its banquette seating. Every banquette seat and booth seat is custom made to our client’s needs, and we haven’t had a disappointed customer yet!

If you are looking for some custom-made banquette seating for your venue, here are a few things to consider.

Banquette Seating Style and Look

Your banquette seating is going to get attention so it needs to be deserving of the memories it makes. This means it not only needs to be special, but it also needs to match the rest of your décor.

Start by thinking about the frame. Are you looking for timber internals, or something with a more industrial metal look? Metal can be done in a multitude of colours but a nice timber finish is hard to beat.

Serenity Made can use a variety of veneers, stains and laminates to get the look you want, and when trimmed with a metal kicker or fancy moulding it can look spectacular. But don’t overlook the way metal legs can pull together all your pieces either, especially if timber is only a small feature in your venue.

Once you have your frame ideas, it’s onto upholstery. Generally we use a higher-density foam  that’s a bit harder. This is ideal for dining, but just because it is the norm, doesn’t mean you need to go that way. If you have your own ideas, just let us know.

Now fabric on your banquettes is important. We can match to your dining chairs and stools of course but you don’t need to use the same fabric. A large portion of banquette seats and booth seats err towards a faux leather. This has a couple of practical reasons.

Firstly, when sliding into a banquette seat with a fixed table, you need to, well, slide! A rough fabric or velvet might not be as compromising to your patrons behinds as a smooth PU.

The second reason is cleaning. You can’t take it out back or substitute another chair in while you are cleaning you banquette seat, so you need something that wipes down easily. Faux leather is ideal for that.

Of course if you want to go for a real leather, we can do that as well. Cost tends to be tha main inhibitor for real leather though.

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches. We already mentioned what a nice kicker can do for the banquette’s look. But what about an LED running underneath or above? Are you a button person and want something that resembles a chesterfield? What about some waves along the back or some fancy stitching? Serenity Made can help with all of this so just let us know your needs.

Shape and Functionality

If you are a designer, architect or are working with a designer or architect, I’m sure you already have the dimensions of your banquette seating worked out. But if not, take a good long look at your available space and start thinking about shapes.

There is a huge variety of shapes and styles to consider and I won’t go into them in too much detail here (check our other blog on styles here). But you should start by thinking what their primary function is. If it is for dining, then closed off booth seating with 450mm ht, hard seats might be the way to go. But if it is for drinking, a more open setting might work with lower seats around coffee tables might be your go to.

Serenity Made can help you with some general spacing requirements if you need (such as minimal seat depths, ideal back heights etc) but you are going to need to get your space worked out first.

Banquette Seating Placement

The final thing you need to consider for your banquette seating is placement, or more importantly, exposure. Whether your banquette seating is indoor, outdoor or semi outdoor (for example on a covered patio) is an important question that is surprisingly overlooked by many venue owners. The questions you should be asking are how much exposure to water and sun will your banquette seating have?

Obviously this is going to effect material choices. For fully outdoors rain, sun and snow, metal needs to be either aluminium or galvanised steel. Timber is best done in an outdoor wood such as teak and you need to make sure there is drainage so your banquette seating doesn’t turn into a swimming pool.

Outdoor fabrics, such as those produced by Sunbrella, are perfect. Generally acrylic based, they are water proof and UV resistant so they won’t fade quickly, or worse, crack.

If it is getting rained on, quick-dry foam is also important. Ideally we would advise removable cushions that you can bring in or wash as necessary, however we can do fixed types if you prefer.

If your banquette seating is semi-outdoors but rain protected, don’t underestimate the power of the sun, particularly if you are in Australia. A normal faux leather exposed to too much heat or sun can melt or dry and crack pretty quickly.

If you aren’t sure what you need for your banquettes or booths, just let us know what sort of exposure they will have and we can help to advise.

If you have any questions about your banquette seating needs, feel free to get in touch at and be sure to take a look at some of our other blogs.

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