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Booth Seating and Banquette Seating : 5 Types for your Venue

Banquette seating

There is no doubt that booth seating and banquette seating are fantastic options to boost space efficiency in most hospitality venues. With the customisation that can be done on these commercial furniture pieces, there is sure to be a space and use in your venue for them.
What is the difference between Booth seating and Banquette seating?
Booth seating and banquette seating are often used interchangeably, but they do have different meanings. Booths generally refer to bench seating that is more intimate, often with patrons looking directly at each other over a table. Banquette seating on the other hand refers to the bench seat that is used to make the booth and can be in a booth, or by itself.
At Serenity Made, we make our banquette seats as free-standing, custom pieces. This has a couple of distinct advantages, the main being around movability. Installed booths can’t easily be moved to new locations or taken with you when you leave. If you later decide to make room for say a dance floor or something, you will need to demolish your installed pieces. But with our pieces, you can simply move them over. Of course, if you want to install them, we are happy to provide booth/banquette seating that is ready to be installed onsite.
So, buckle up as we get into 5 popular styles of custom booth and banquette seating options for your venue.

Banquette Seating

Straight Booth Seating / Banquette Seating

This is the core unit of booth and banquette seats. A straight piece, usually done in 1m to 2m segments, these benches can be placed back to back to make a line of booth seats or used along walls as banquette seating or backed with other pieces such as shelving, etc.
Closing off both ends of the banquette like the Retro Milk Bar Booth can make a limited seat, or with open ends, they can be joined for unlimited length like the Sweety Booth.

Corner Booth


Corner Banquette Seating

Let’s face it, the corner spaces in a lot of restaurants end up as wasted space. A bit out of the way for a waiter’s station, chairs are limited and space is… well, boring. Unless you fill it with a unique, fancy-looking banquette seat.
Corner booth seats or banquette seats like the Bondi Corner Booth can fill out these areas nicely, brightening the place up while maximising seating. And as customisable pieces, you can fit them into just about any spot.

Double Booth Seat

Double Booth Seat

Double booth seating is a classic that has never lost its flavour. Consisting of two seats joined at the back (facing away from each other), these seats are great for diners or small restaurants. In a line, they make perfect booth seating and can really increase privacy in smaller areas.

Banquette Seating


Plantar Booth Seating / Banquette Seating

Booth seating and banquette seating often come with a box enclosure or backing that is not always put to practical use. Serenity Made gets a lot of requests for how to shape these for practical use, and the most common by far is a plantar box.
Hollowing out the box and making it a suitable space is one way to add in a bit of greenery space, such as the Eden Booth. However, if you are after a more industrial look, you could have a metal and timber custom bench done, such as the seating we did for the Maltshovel Taphouse.
Although you can certainly use real plants, these types of banquette seats and booth arrangements are often better suited to low-upkeep fake greenery. If you are looking for high-quality fake plants, be sure to mention them to us during the project discussions and we can provide some options for you.

Curved Booth


Curved Booth Seating

Curved booth seating is not always the most space-efficient option, but it can provide a level of intimacy for diners whilst still being semi-open. We can do it in any size or shape, such as the lovely pieces from Madame Fu with a box back in marble or the free-standing Curved Booth without a box back.
At Serenity Made we consider ourselves booth seating and banquette seating specialists. Our pieces are high quality with strong ply and solid timber frames, custom-made for every customer. Our choices in fabric, faux leather, and real leather are almost limitless and we can even work with your own supplier to really get the effects you want.
If you have any projects or are looking for some pricing, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be sure to get back to you.
See you next time!