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23rd November 2018

Christmas is less than five weeks away and, while many families won’t be celebrating till Christmas day, work and office related Christmas parties are in full swing.

Work and office Christmas parties and dinners commonly take place weeks or months prior to Christmas day, making the months of November and December busy with Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve events. Even with minimum booking requirements, restaurants and cafes can quickly become booked out during this busy period leaving many cafes and restaurants struggling to seat and serve extra guests.

Catering for large work groups and gatherings can cause issues and overwhelm ill-equipped caterers, this blog will detail some tips, tricks and link product recommendations to help you seat and serve the large influx of groups during the silly season.

Replanning and reworking the dining layout

With the increase of large groups dining, the table and seating layout of the restaurant or café should be reworked to cater towards these larger groups of guests.

Join square tables with centre bases, like the Marble Dining Table, together at their sides to create one long table to fit a minimum of six people. Conceal the makeshift long dining table with a large thick table cloth, use a red or green cover for Christmas events to help guests get into the Christmas spirit.

Joining the smaller tables together will not only create dining space for a large group but will also free up space in the rest of the restaurant. The free space can be left empty and used as a cocktail or dance space for Christmas parties or filled with more tables and chairs to seat extra guests.

Three Furniture must haves to seat the masses

When purchasing extra furnishings to keep up with the high demands of the silly season consider these three things:

  1. The make (commercial or residential grade)
  2. Transportability (its ability transported internally and externally)
  3. Adjustability

The make of the furniture is of upmost importance as the product is useless if it doesn’t last.

There are many identifiers of good commercial grade furniture,  but overall good commercial furniture is made for the commercial environment. Unlike residential furniture, commercial furnishings are made to handle repetitive use and regular cleaning.

The furniture’s ability to be stored and transported is key for the busy season. Commercial chairs like the Stackable Metal Dining Chair, the Stackable Cross Back Chair and the Stackable Wire Stoolcan be easily stacked and stored during the quite months and transported too and moved around the restaurant or café during the busier periods.

Adjustable commercial restaurant tables like the Round Trestle Table and the White Top Metal Base Tableare also made for easy storage with their adjustable legs that fold in flat.Someadjustable furnishings also have the ability to expand to seat more guests, with commercial adjustable tables like the Teak Adjustable Table and the Round Square Banquet Table not only folding out to seat more guest but also folding flat for easy storage.

By Tia Somerville

About the author – A trained journalist with a passion for writing well rounded articles on a variety of topics. Follow @tia_somerville to read more written work, and see some visual and audio pieces, that will educate and inspire you.