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2nd August 2018

For many of our customers, it is their first time buying from a Chinese hospitality furniture supplier. It is a tough leap to make. Australia offers security in familiarity, processes that have been followed for years. So, are the hassles of changing processes and working out new systems worth it? And if you are offering a fit out service, can you reliably recommend an off-shore furniture supplier to your clients without having truly tested them?

Let’s start by breaking down the process. How do you increase your profits and order from Serenity Made?

Make Contact

The first step is always the hardest. That’s because it requires a change in thought patterns. Instead of ‘Importing is not my gig,’ you need to consider ‘I wonder if I would profit from importing.’ A business owner always needs to be looking for more efficient profits, both for themselves and for their clients.

Chinese hospitality furniture
Wooden products entering Australia require both fumigation and for the importer to do due diligence on the wood source. But don’t worry, we know the routine and will make sure it goes smoothly.

As soon as you start to think this way, everything becomes a little easier. The next step is clear. Make contact. Send an email and ask any question you can think of that might help you understand better. Our job is to walk you through the process so don’t be afraid to ask what seems like the simplest of questions. You aren’t an importer by trade so we don’t expect you to know.

Find the products you like, either from our website or your own designs (we can often work to the pictures you provide) and send them through. Our manufacturers are working with raw materials and there are currency fluctuations so we don’t keep a standing pricelist (rest assured though, for our high quality, we are cheap). We will send back a quote and if you like it we can move forward to working out the details of your products (eg. What fabric would you like, do you want a shorter leg, or softer cushion etc.)


So, once we have all the details, we require a 50% deposit to get started. This is usually done by bank transfer into the company bank account in Hong Kong. After that, it takes around 40 days to manufacture depending upon the complexity of your order. We will send pictures and updates along the way, and of course you are welcome to come and visit and we will show you around.

Once we have finished and you are satisfied, you will transfer the remainder of the balance and we will load the container and off it sails. Most parts of Australia can be reached within 3 weeks of setting sail.

Getting Your Goods

importing hospitality furniture
It takes about three weeks to ship to most parts of Australia after production.

When it arrives, your customs broker will notify you and advise you of pick-up. And that’s it! There is some paper work along the way but most of that will be done at our end. We sell to Australia regularly so we know the requirements to get the products into the country (eg. Fumigation, due diligence for wooden products), but if there is anything you’re not sure of, just ask and we will be happy to help.

So, once again, before you dismiss the idea of importing yourself, get a quote from Australia and another from us and compare. Let us help you save your money so you can spend it on other things. Hope to talk soon!

Note from the editor: If you would like more tips on how to find a cafe furniture supplier, please follow the link here.

 – Serina Yang

Note about the Author: Serina Yang is CEO and a founding-partner of Serenity Made, a Hong Kong and mainland China based company specializing in exporting furniture and homewares. Building the company from scratch and with little starting capital, she has been able to successfully narrow in on the Australian market while demonstrating that China is capable of delivering not just cheap products, but also high quality pieces. For other articles of Serina’s, click here.