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22nd October 2018

Designers tend to be creative people with an eye for beauty and the ability to be easily inspired. They are commonly inspired by cultures and eras, as seen with the famous designer Hans Wegner who’s inspiration come from China during the Ming dynasty.

Furniture designers can also be inspired by objects, with series of designs recently making headlines due their inspiration coming from the odd combination of Japanese culture and saddlebags.

Designing your space with the inspiration of saddlebags might not be your thing, however the use of countries, cultures and eras is a popular choice among professionals and it’s easy to see why. This blog will detail some of the popular countries/cultures that have inspired famous designers and can now inspire you.

Asian Inspiration

The Ming dynasty, is the period of 1368 to 1644 in China, a dynasty that brought trade and Ming inspired design to the world.

Hans Wegner, a famous designer from Denmark, is one of the many designers inspired by the Ming dynasty. Hans Wegner designed a wide range of Ming inspired furniture, all possessing the iconic use of symmetry and balance.

Researches, Wei and Xu (2018, pp. 32-33), state that the symmetry and balance of the furniture are expressions of the Confucian “Neutralization” thought, adding that the common combination of straight lines embody the thought of “harmony” in Confucianism.

The use of lines and symmetry is clearly seen in Hans Wegner’s designs with the Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone Stool and the Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone Dining Chair beautifully using shape, colour and lines to reflect the Ming dynasty.

Create a Ming inspired space with the harmonious use of lines and inclusion of Ming inspired furniture like Hans Wegner’s.

European Design

Many designers have come from, and created beautiful furniture and architectural designs in, Europe. Arne Jacobsen created beautiful furniture for and inspired by and for the royal SAS hotel, now known as The Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, in Denmark.

Arne Jacobsen’s architecture and furniture are a highlight of Denmark and can be the highlight of your space with commercial replica furniture like the Replica Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairand the Replica Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofareflecting Denmark’s past of design and architecture.

For a contemporary European space, incorporate European influenced commercial sofas such as the European Style Twin Seat Sofa, the European Sofa and the European Three Seater Sofa. Highlight the European influences with artwork and photographs of your favourite European cities and landscapes.

Historic Aussie Furniture

Get inspired by Grant Featherston, the successful self-taught Australian designer from Geelong. Grant’s work can be described as iconic, bold and bright with Serenity Made’s replicas coming in bright yellow, blue and green.

The Replica Grant Featherston Lounge Chair mimics the late designers work and is a beautiful way to add a bit of Australian history into the space.

By Tia Somerville.

About the author – A trained journalist with a passion for writing well rounded articles on a variety of topics. Follow @tia_somerville to read more written work, and see some visual and audio pieces, that will educate and inspire you.


Zhao Wei & RongRong Xu, 2018, ‘The Influence of Art Symbol of Ming Dynasty furniture on Contemporary Home Furnishing’ Journal of Arts & Humanities, vol. 7, no 1, pp. 32-35, viewed 15 October 2018,