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14th September 2018

Rental properties can come with many restrictions that limit a renter’s ability to paint, remove built-ins and completely customise the space. All these restrictions can be overwhelming, but there are ways to customise your rental property within these restrictions.

This blog will help you update kitchens, add walls and hide unchangeable imperfections (such as wall paint or paper) with some simple décor tips and the right commercial furniture.

Kitchen updates

Kitchen spaces can be difficult to rework, especially when you have dreams of adding and removing countertops and cabinets.

Add counter space or dining space to the kitchen with a bar table. Commercial bar tables like the Industrial Bar Table are made with a solid wood table top and a metal frame that makes the structure sturdy, durable and long lasting in high traffic areas like the kitchen.

Those needing a bit of extra dining space, will love round bar tables like the Outdoor Bar Table that can be used as a breakfast bar.

Adding walls

Want to have an office or guest room but have run out of rooms in your rental? Try creating an office or guest room with temporary walls. Bamboo and paper screens may seem like the obvious and only choice to make a room, but there are many ways to separate a space.

Plant walls can separate the space beautifully and are easily created with a row of tall potted plants or a free-standing vertical garden.

Bookcases can be great for storage, but they can also be used as temporary walls. Use a large backed bookcase to create the look of a solid wall. Help soundproof the bookcase by filling the shelves with books, this will create an extra layer and thicken the thin frame of the bookcase.

Backed bookcases can also cover poor painted or odd coloured walls. If you don’t like the idea of covering a wall with a bookshelf, don’t worry, because there are more ways to hide your rental’s walls.

Covering walls

Cover a wall in the bedroom with a large headboard or large piece of wall art. Bring all the attention away from the wall by making the headboard or artwork rich in colour and texture.

Similarly use colourful sofas and armchairs to bring the attention away from the walls. Keep all eyes on your furniture with colourful sofas like the Parisian Sofa, the Brass Leg Sofa and the Ripple-Back Velvet Sofa.

Patterned armchairs and two-toned sofas, like the Mango Armrest Chair and the Gothic Sofa, are perfect for rooms with multiple coloured walls or patterned wallpaper.

Feature furniture pieces, like the Egg Cup Iron Chair, the Peacock Chair and the Handmade Rattan Chair, can also help bring your and your guest’s eyes away from the walls. Only use feature furniture items against subtle or light coloured walls, as bright coloured walls will overpower the soft colours of the Egg Cup Iron Chair, the Peacock Chair and the Handmade Rattan Chair

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