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15th October 2018

There is one particular colour that has proved the stand of time for a wedding theme. I bet you can guess what hue we are talking about. Yep, it is white! Popularised by Queen Victoria around the Victorian era, this wedding shade is still the “it” colour to be used until this day. The versatility, the clean look, and the timelessness are some of the reasons why even nowadays brides are still taken by this colour’s appeal. Curious about how to cook up the ultimate white wedding for the modern day? Continue on to get some ideas for the big day.

Shades of White

After you set on a colour theme for a wedding, the rest of the styling is just going to ball rolling. Many brides are choosing white as the base of their colour scheme, then incorporate it with other colours to shape the look they want. As a neutral, white is obviously going to be very easy to combine with. For a romantic look, mix it with blush and peach. For a luxury glance, mix with gold, silver, or jewel tones. As for a modern approach, why not just use different shades of whites? It will still conceive layers which will allure the eyes, yet also creating a clean and contemporary appearance at the party. If you’re wondering what other shades could white have, a quick google search will give you the answer. Bone white, macaroon cream, winter mood, water chestnut, scotch mist, or powder are some of the examples, and yes, there are still many more!

Flower Arrangements Style

You will find that it is rather painless to get visions on blossom arrangements for the white-themed nuptials. Decide on what look you’re after, and then start selecting flowers which will suit. Mixing hydrangeas with peonies will create a romantic style, while tulips and bleeding hearts are going to make a unique arrangement. Phalaenopsis orchids are always a profound choice for lux and elegant theme, not to mention that these beauties are already stand out by themselves without having to be mixed with other blooms! Last but not least, if you’re leaning towards a classic, consider putting various types of roses side by side. English, ground cover, damask and Portland are some examples of roses assortments that will look excellent to be mixed together, given that they all have different petal shapes which creates interest in the mixture.

Using the Right Furniture to Uplift the Look

To keep cohesiveness in the styling, furniture choices need to be consistent as well. White coloured chairs and tables are no doubt will need to be put to use, as well as some clear furniture. Using combinations of the two styles throughout the celebration is going to elevate the wedding look from boring to interesting.

Complete the wedding ceremony décor by choosing either upholstered banquet or ghost seats, accompanied by floral pillars and balloon installations on the roof to create a forward-looking party. Get this look with our chairs down below:

Armchairs and stools like these will have a marvellous impact for the lounge area, finished off with flower arrangements on the table or flower wall as the background:

by Dian Nikë Moohen

Nikë Moohen is the owner of MARBLE + BLOSSOMS, a handmade chocolate couture e-boutique based in Australia. She has collaborated and sent her chocolates worldwide, including New York to wedding designer Galia Lahav for Fashion Week 2016. Nikë is a former lifestyle editor in a girl’s magazine who has written about fashion, lifestyle, education and music festival, also styled various photoshoots for the magazine’s content. She’s a creative soul who holds a bachelor degree in communication, and has always had passion for fashion, styling and designing. Visit her website to say hello.

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock