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23rd October 2018

If there is one wedding trend that we see keep on growing instead of slowing down, it would be the minimalist wedding theme. It’s simplicity and uncomplicated designs are able to conceive somewhat humble elegance and timeless ambiance. Not to mention also being budget-friendly, just like what most couples want. So let’s dive into it!

Muted and Minimal Décor

The key to this wedding theme is minimal décor. Invitations, place cards, and menus could be designed with simple font styles on muted colour papers. If that is too demure for some brides, then there is no harm in using one bold or metallic colour on the papers as an accent to give a kick to the styling. Simple flower arrangements used in the whole party are ideal for this nuptial, from the bride’s bouquet to the centrepieces. Using combinations of white o’hara garden roses, larkspurs, and fillers like allium bullets or acacia mimosa, then tied together with green leaves such as willows plus seeded eucalyptuses will make the perfect bouquet for the bride. Placing one succulent like echeveria as the centre of the bunch will give the design an understated touch.

Continuing the less is more approach, decorations for ceremony is suggested to be toned down as well. You could set up a simple background with minimal flowers or greenery, another idea is to install and hang light bulbs from the ceiling as the arbour. There are few light globes options that you could choose from, however, classic shapes are always a fail-proof to use, such as arbitrary, globe, or pear. For something out of ordinary, try using blown reflector, straight sided or tubular. It’s only natural to pick unfussy seat shapes for the ceremony, hence we suggest to consider these charmers for this nuptial:

Create Cohesiveness

Remember the naked cake trend? Even though it is suitable for minimalist wedding style, a fully covered white cake is more classic and sophisticated choice to be the hero of the celebration. Simply decorate with some greens or flowers on each tier, or use fresh fruits. Sprinkling some cocoa powder on the garnish will give it just enough punch to perk up the cake.

For the dessert table, choose coordinated colour scheme desserts for cohesiveness, not to forget layering the table in different heights to create an appealing look. Hanging some more light bulbs over the sweet table will let the transition from ceremony to reception flow nicely, also add little leaves for lush display. Geometrical suspended succulents can also be included to jazz up the décor.

Find your table to display the sweets down below:

Flattering the Effortless Reception Table

Styling the reception table for this particular theme is rather simple—obviously! Just run along some foliage on the table such as the ones that were used in the bouquet, then complete it by pairing glass and porcelain ware in effortless designs. If you used metallic colour in the place cards or menus, it might be wise to use the same hue for the cutlery, for example if silver is used, then putting silver cutlery into service is the way to go rather than gold as there is a chance that the two colours will clash. However, if styled correctly and in the right proportions, you can definitely put these two tones together. Furniture wise, sleek design is fitting to compliment the décor, on that account, the use of timber tables without tablecloths will only accentuate your theme.

Here are some furniture pieces which will flatter the celebration:

by Dian Nikë Moohen

Nikë Moohen is an owner of MARBLE + BLOSSOMS, a handmade chocolate couture e-boutique based in Australia. She has collaborated and sent her chocolates worldwide, including New York to wedding designer Galia Lahav for Fashion Week 2016. Nikë is a former lifestyle editor in a girl’s magazine who has written about fashion, lifestyle, education and music festival, also styled various photoshoots for the magazine’s content. She’s a creative soul who holds a bachelor degree in communication, and has always had passion for fashion, styling and designing. 

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock