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7th September 2018

Winter is almost over, and spring is fast approaching. The spring season is sure to bring spring cleaning, spring colours and some spring themed fashion trends. But before you jump into your spring cleaning and begin to decorate your home with spring colours, you may want to check out these winter fashion statements you might have missed.

Read on to find out the key trends from winter and see some commercial restaurant furniture that captured the winter style.

Tassels, ruffles and pleats

Long flowing garments were a common sight this winter, with tassels, ruffles and pleats all being used to capture that loose and flowy texture.

Tassels became popular among long winter coats but as the weather gets warmer, and that tasseled coat becomes too warm to wear, many will miss that tasselled texture.

Keep the tasseled texture alive by making tassels the highlight of your home. Cushions and throws are the perfect way to add tassels to the home and create a layer of interest to mono-textured sofas like the Alie 3 Seat Sofa and the Aussie Style Sofa.

Layered fabrics

Many people layered up this winter to keep warm but layering also became a winter fashion trend, with the ekka natural fibres parade introducing sheer layering over light fabrics. Adding layers to the home is an easy task by layering sheer fabric over your thick curtains.

When layering your curtains, be sure to choose a sheer layer that matches the colour of your curtain. Apply this colour rule when adding a thin throw or sarong to the foot of your bed, to beautifully replicate that layered winter trend in the bedroom.

Winter colours you will miss

The fashion this winter used a wide range of colours, from deep denim blues, crisp whites and light greys to deep greens and tans. Light greys and crisp whites tend to be the colours already existing in the home. However, adding tan tones, deep blues and green colours can prove to be difficult.

Deep blues and greens are eye-catching colours that can become the statement of your home. Commercial green armchairs like the Ava Lounge Chair and commercial blue sofas like the 3 Seater Sofa Bed are bright trendy and eye-catching.

Off white and tan tones can also become the highlight of the space, with the Replica Finn Juhl Baker Sofa’s two-toned frame bringing out that trendy tan colour in a unique way.

Capture the winter look by adding tasseled cushions and loose/flowy throws to your sofa, be sure to place your soft furniture near a window with layered curtains to capture this winter’s loose and layered fashion trend before the spring fashion trends take over the space.

Winter colours you can use this spring

Spring is a popular time for pastel colours and the deep blue and green colours from winter will accompany the pastels well. Deep blues will be enhanced by pastel pink colours, so keep that in mind when shopping this spring.

By Tia Somerville

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