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26th October 2018

Royal fever has swept the nation, with Harry and Meghan’s visit to Australia bringing excitement, tourism and fashion.

Meghan’s fashion has inspired others, with many quickly adding the royal’s fashion items to their wardrobe, causing clothing to sell out fast.

Many have been adding touches of royalty to their wardrobe, but the royal inspiration can be used throughout the house. This blog will list a range of high-end commercial furnishings used by or inspired by royalty.

If you’ve been a fan of the royal’s fashion, then you’re sure to be fan of these royal furnishings.

The Prince approved Bentwood

The mid 1800s was a time of great accomplishment for Michael Thonet, a German craftsman, who created and mastered the art of bending wood. An art that Prince Metternich favoured greatly, so much so that he encouraged Thonet to establish his work in Vienna.

During the mid 1800s Thonet’s work was patented, once in 1842 and again in 1856, giving Thonet the exclusive right to manufacture “chairs and table legs of bent wood, the curvature of which is effected through the agency of steam or boiling liquids”.

The Prince’s recognition of Thonet’s furnishings led them to become a desired household and shopfront item in Vienna. The bentwood chairs became a common sight in Vienna cafés throughout the 1860s and are still a common a sight to this day.

The royally loved chair is also commonly seen at wedding ceremonies and receptions where the bentwood seats sit beautifully on their own or with a large table. Get the timeless and elegant bent wood look in your home with commercial replica bentwood chairs like the Bentwood Chair, the Bentwood Dining Chairand the Bentwood Dining Chair With Rattan Seat.

The royal furnishings form The Royal Hotel

The SAS Royal Hotel in Denmark is elegantly designed and, as the name suggests, fit for royalty. The hotel was designed in 1960 by architecture and design royalty Arne Jacobsen. Arne not only designed the hotel’s exterior, but he also designed and decorated the interior with range of high-end furniture.

Arne Jacobsen’s furnishings live up to the royal name of the hotel and have the price tag to prove it, with an original Arne Jacobsen chair auctioning between $23,000 and $34,550. The royally expensive chair can still be yours for a fraction of the cost with Serenity Made offering replica Arne Jacobsen chairs at an affordable price.

Replica Arne Jacobsen chairs like theReplica Arne Jacobsen Side Chair, the Replica Arne Jacobsen Swan Chairand the Replica Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairwere all inspired by the original designs used in The Royal Hotel, offering you the opportunity to get the royal style without the royal price tag.

Furniture fit for a Palace

The Palace Supper Club in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, is styled with elegant furnishings. The use of the rich velvet seats seen in the Ripple-Back Velvet Sofa, the Gold Leg Marshmallow Chair and theGolden Boy Armchair, make a palace, or your place, fit for royalty.

By Tia Somerville

About the author – A trained journalist with a passion for writing well rounded articles on a variety of topics. Follow @tia_somerville to read more written work, and see some visual and audio pieces, that will educate and inspire you.