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16th November 2018

Queensland is known as the sunshine state for a good reason but the last few weeks have brought too much sun and too much heat.

Over the past few weeks Queensland has experienced temperature highs with the recent heatwave bringing forecasts of high temperatures. While it has been shockingly hot the high temperature is nothing to be surprised about, Queensland commonly experiences heatwaves and the Climate Council claims that heatwaves have increased.

The Queensland Government identifies heatwaves by the presence of unusually high temperatures, between 37°C and 42°C, that typically last three days.

The extreme heat can cause heat related illnesses and overtime damage outdoor items. The Queensland Government website details ways to avoid heat related illness, such as heatstroke, and this blog will provide a similar insight to the issues of heat and sun related furniture damage.

Sun related and heat related furniture damage

Sun exposure can cause furniture to fade, crack and flake. Leather is likely to show these signs of sun damage with the material fading, cacking and even flaking in the sun. By using real wood furnishings, with no leather inserts or backs, those serious signs of sun damage will go unnoticed.

Commercial teak wood tables, like the Teak Adjustable Table and theCircular Teak Table, and chairs, like the Teak Armchair,are extremely resistant to the harsh outdoors, as the wood naturally protects itself from the outdoor elements. While the teak wood is self-protected in many ways, it’s never a bad idea to take extra precautions to protect your furniture.  

Not only is sun exposure likely to damage furniture but the overall Queensland climate will also cause harm. According to the Bureau of Meteorology the Brisbane region of southeast Queensland experiences an average of 60% humidity in the morning and 55% in afternoon during the month of November.

The high humidity (over 50%) creates a hot and humid environment. The moisture combined with the heat can cause damage to ill-equipped furniture, however furniture made with rattan is equipped to handle Queensland’s humidity.

Rattan wood can survive and thrive in the hot and humid climate, as the wood grows in similar climate conditions in southeast Asia.

Furniture recommendations to withstand Queensland’s warmer weather
As much as it may heat up in the sun, metal made furnishings are resistant to the harshest of weather. Dark Monochrome metal chairs, like the commercial grade Marise Dining Chair and the commercial Metal Dining Chair With Arms, will keep it’s look longer than bright coloured plastic or fabric furnishings.

While the fabric from outdoor furniture is likely to fade, fabric seat cushions are still recommended to protect people’s skin from the sun exposed metal.  Adding a removable cushion to the seat of the Marise Dining Chair and the Metal Dining Chair With Arms will create a comfortable seat that can be changed and replaced when the fabric fades.

Tia Somerville.

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