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30th August 20170

Gary Featherston

Born in Geelong in 1922 the Australian self-taught designer started his extensive, 30year, design career in the 1950s.
Following his military service during the early 1940s Grant returned to Victoria where he pursued his passion for design. Lacking financially, yet not creatively, the first and following chairs from the contour collection incorporated plywood and thin upholstery.
The contour collection was released in the 1950s and consisted of chairs, tables and storage furnishings, all created with the concept of ‘contour comfort’. The success of Grant’s designs led him to open the Featherston contract interiors furniture showroom in 1956. Grant’s design success also brought him job opportunities, and in 1957 he began working at Aristoc Industries. Over the 13year career with Aristoc industries Grant gained the position of design director.
In 1966 Grant started a creative and life-long partnership with his wife Mary.

Mary Featherston

Mary was born in London (Surrey) in 1943 and after 10 years, in 1953, Mary moved to Australia where she studied interior design, between 1960 and 1964, at the RMIT University in Melbourne. During this time in Melbourne Mary worked at a design studio Grant had established for Aristoc Industries.
Mary later married Grant and together, over the course of 30 years, they designed furnishings for Aristoc Industries, children’s products for the Children’s Museum of Victoria and even assisted in the design of their own home.

Replica Featherston sofa chair

Grant’s death in 1995 led Mary to pursue her passions for creativity alone. Mary focused less on furniture and more on children, designing children’s products and educational spaces. Throughout the years the couples work was celebrated, with their work featured in multiple expos during the 1960s, and honoured as their names were inducted into the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame in 1996.

Featherston Designs

Grant’s and Mary’s designs are popular even in these recent years with Mary recreating and rereleasing Grant inspired furnishings in 2016. The new Featherston 2016 collection relaunched for 21st century collectors, however for those wanting their own Featherston in their home or business, without the collector price tag, replica options are available.
Replica Featherston furnishings beautifully recreate the iconic soft curves and rounded shapes seen in traditional Featherston designs. Incorporating these soft shapes into a room is easily accomplished by accompanying the furniture with the right textures, colours and shapes.
Replica designer furniture like the Replica Featherston Sofa and the Replica Featherston Sofa Steel Legs incorporate the style of traditional Featherston chairs yet not the material. Replacing the traditional plywood legs with steel creates a longer lasting and durable product ideal for commercial use.
Replica wholesale furniture like the Replica Featherston Sofa, the Replica Featherston Sofa Leather Range and the Replica Featherston Sofa Timber Legs have a short lead time and low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). This short lead time and low MOQ gives you the opportunity to have what you want, when you want it.
Styling Featherston furnishings is easily accomplished by using similar colours seen in the room, fortunately Serenity Made offers replica Featherston deigns in a range of colours to help find the perfect shade for your space.
By Tia Somerville
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