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21st July 20170

A shoe makers son, an accomplished architect, artist and inventor of more than 500 designs. Born in Southern Denmark in 1914, Hans Wegner spent his teen yeas training to become a cabinetmaker, and completed his apprenticeship at 17 years of age in 1930. Hans later expanded is qualifications to include architecture.

Replica armless Hans Wegner

Relocating at the age of 20 to the capital of Demark, where Hans studied to become an architect at the School of Arts and Crafts from 1936 to 1938. Soon after completing his studies Hans worked alongside the famous architect Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller to design the furnishings for the new city hall in Aarhus in 1940. In the same year Hans also worked with cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen, and later in 1941 Hans displayed his first furniture piece in Hansen’s store. Hans’s work was also shown in the Copenhagen museum of art and industry in 1942.
Hans Wegner peacock chair

In 1943 Hans opened his own design office, and after a year he designed the first of many chairs inspired by the Ming dynasty. Hans continued to both create and design and inspire the production of beautiful chairs like the iconic Wishbone Chair, originally designed in 1950, and other beautiful designs like the Wishbone Stool, the Peacock Chair and the Plank Chair.
Hans Wegner died at 92 years of age in Denmark, however Hans life’s work did not go unrecognised. Winning multiple awards for his designs, including the 1995 Lunning prize and the 8th international design award in 1997. A decade after his death in 2007, Hans’s work continues to inspire and intrigue people to this day.

Integrating Hans Furnishings into Your Space

Including a Hans chair into your home as a feature item or a practical piece is easily accomplished due to the variety of designs and styles available from Chinese furniture suppliers. A lounge space with dark shades and colours throughout the room would suit the Replica Hans Wegner Circle Chair, with its dark palette and beautiful use of line and pattern in the back frame. Other replica chairs like the Replica Armless Hans Wegner Chair with its classical design and neutral tones make it perfect for the dining room. Chinese manufactured chairs like the Replica Hans Wenger Y Chair, with its bright yellow colour and sleek design, are suitable for dining and sitting areas that are lacking colour.
For office spaces, the Replica Hans Wegner Chair made from solid ash timber is both visually stunning and practical for the study. Another office appropriate chair is the Green Han Wegner Chair, the deep green shade combined with a wooden fame and fabric seat makes this a chair both comfortable and stylish. Classical designer chairs such as the Replica Hans Bar Stool, with its elegant design, would be suited for a restaurant or at home bar/entertaining area.
Whether displayed at the city hall of Aarhus and the museum of art and industry or at your own home and business, a Hans Wegner chair will never feel out of place.
By Tia Somerville
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