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12th November 2018

Keeping the Guests Comfortable in a Casual Yet Classy Beach Wedding

There’s nothing that compares to having a relaxing time on the beach. Digging your toes in the sand, listening to the seagulls, crashing waves, and enjoying the wind blowing. No wonder many people decide to have their nuptials on the beach, the paradise on earth. There are a couple of things that need to be paid attention to when you are putting together a coastal wedding, from making sure of the guests’ comfort to how to style the venue.

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Some Tips to Beat the Heat

Make sure invitees know that the ceremony will take place on the sand so they can prepare proper outfits, shoes, as well as getting sunscreen ready in hand. You can suggest for your clients to supply the guests with some welcome gift packs consisting of sunblock, bug repellent, bottled water, and sunglasses. These little things will definitely come in handy and shows a caring gesture as the host. At the union, you can also set up a canopy over the guests chairs to beat the heat. The best time to have a beach wedding ceremony is about one to two hours before the sun sets as it won’t be as hot anymore, yet the natural light will still be available for photos and videos. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have some romantic sunset shots? It sounds essential for a coastal wedding to us!

To style this affair, choosing natural tones such as beige, white, and off-white as the base will flow nicely with the seaside theme, and then you can add other colours to build personality. Hue combinations such as light blue, navy and brown will produce a cool and calm sense, meanwhile, warmer shades like pink, fuchsia, and orange will bring fun summer vibes into the décor.

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Raw Yet Opulent Adornment

Natural furniture is excellent to be used for this theme. However, if you would like to deliver a modern touch, you can mix and match the couch and chair style to get a polished yet casual look. All things in white, beige undertones mixed with raw decorations like coconuts, banana leaves and palm trees will help determine the coastal feel, while a metallic glow and wire furniture will help you achieve the luxurious look. One of our suggestions is to arrange half coconuts and your choice of white, blue either fuchsia orchids on the reception table accompanied with golden banana or palm leaves to inject that little luxury. If you’re wondering how to get golden leaves, the answer is simple: spray paint. Yep, you can pretty much spray paint anything these days, including leaves! There are many different things you could create with spray paint and we possess some ideas to be used for sprucing up your affair, but we will talk about it in the future blog, so subscribe here if you haven’t already and never miss out on our tips again!

To construct uniqueness, set up a few cabanas in the lounge area to serve the need. Or, you can repurpose the canopies that were used in the ceremony and then arrange some lounges, tables and chairs underneath. Don’t forget to place numerous potted tropical plants around for bedecking continuity!

These are some of our furniture pieces to style your affair:

by: Dian Nikë Moohen

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock