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13th August 2018

Pulling off a flawless and flowy wedding and creating a relaxed vibe for you and your guests is far from a relaxing experience. This blog might not remove all the stress associated with planning the big day, but it will give you the styling and placement advice you’ll need to help narrow down that long list of choices you face when choosing the wedding furnishings and decor.

Get that flowy feel with light coloured furniture and soft lights

Capture the flowy look at your reception with light coloured furniture and decor items. White dining chairs, like the Cross Back Dining Chair With Arms and the White Tiffany Chair, and white reception sofa sets, like the Dubai White Wire Furniture Set, will lighten up the space with its subtle use of colour.

Lightening up the space will not only be achieved with light colours, but actual lights will create a bright and light look. It’s important to use natural (daylight) or diffused light (light that evenly disperses around the room, rather than being direct and harsh like the light from a touch) when choosing lighting for the reception, as the natural and diffused light is softer on the eyes and creates a softer look in photos.

Those having a night reception will need to rely solely on diffused light, but don’t worry because creating and adding diffused light can be easy. Use candles in glass jars (non-tinted or painted glass jars) to bring light to the dining tables and use hanging lights with large clear bulbs to brighten the space from above.

Make guests relax with soft fabrics

Soft reception sofas and lounge chairs, like the Nico Lounge Chair, have a soft look and feel that can be enhanced with cushions and throws.

Throws can also be used on dining chairs to soften the look of the wood or metal. A draped throw over the dining chair is not only beautiful, but it’s also practical for those winter weddings when you need a blanket between the cold chair frame and your back.

Cushions can also be added or dining chairs with built in cushions like the Laura Dining Chair and the Ming Dining Chair can be used, removing the need to worry about finding cushions to match your dining seats.

Be careful when adding bright colours

You might be wondering how you can include colour into your reception, especially since the colours mentioned until now have all been light or white.

Bright colours should be used moderately, so that those soft and flowy textures don’t become overwhelmed by bold colours. Use the smaller décor items in the reception, such as the flowers, table items and wall décor, to add touches of colour to your wedding.

By Tia Somerville