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How to Purchase Hospitality Furniture from Serenity Made

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You have probably at some point wondered if purchasing hospitality furniture from Serenity Made is something you should do. You might have seen competition or even your own clients importing their commercial furniture from Serenity Made and thought “Is this something I should do? Should I be looking into this?”. The answers are maybe, and definitely.
Over the past few months those not familiar with the industry might not think it a great time to be importing venue furniture in-light of the China-US trade war and then the coronavirus outbreak. But truth be told, now is one of the best times to take that step with the U.S. dollar so strong and manufacturing in China back on track.
If you have never purchased from China before, you might be curious as to why Serenity Made is such a popular choice across America. If you have purchased from China before then you will certainly understand. Here are a few of the big reasons people use Serenity Made:

  • Serenity Made was established by an Australian and a Chinese meaning the company is both English fluent and Chinese fluent… very important for avoiding translation mistakes.
  • With a western culture and experienced quality control team, Serenity Made knows what is needed for commercial-grade furniture.
  • Serenity Made’s head office is in Guangzhou, right where the manufacturers are, so everything is closely monitored.
  • Highly flexible manufacturing. Serenity Made can customize any of the over-1000-products on their website or help you with new furniture design.
  • Warranty on all Serenity Made furniture.
  • Ongoing sales and aftersales support.
  • Serenity Made makes shipping easy! Even for new-to-import clients.

So let’s take a look at the whole process.

Hospitality Furniture Specification Process

There are a number of ways you can choose what you need. If you are a designer or have been given a list by a designer, the simplest thing to do is just send the list to Serenity Made. This way items can be manufactured the way you like or as close as possible.
But this isn’t always the way it works for everyone. Many businesses are under strict budget restrictions or simply unsure of what they need. So, the first step, if you are unsure, is to go through and choose the items you like or that stand out. You can specify color and finishes if you like or simply get an idea of the price of the items you like. Don’t forget to give an idea of quantities as this can make a significant difference to prices.
Once you know what you are looking for, it is time to choose your colors and fabrics. Serenity Made works with a large amount of fabric manufacturers and can offer competitively priced fabrics , high-end fabrics or anything in between. You are also welcome to send your own fabric if you have a preferred supplier.
If time is not an issue and you would like to see some choices, the staff at Serenity Made are more than happy to send you some finishes samples (such as timber stains, fabrics etc).
Don’t forget to make sure the time-frame given fits in with your plans. This is the time to ask any questions. No question is a bad question. Serenity Made works with both small and large brands and understands that in this age brands need a better understanding, both practically and ethically, of where their products are coming from. Serenity Made will happily answer any environmental, labour, factory conditions or material sourcing concerns you may have.
Takeaway points

  • If you have a list of required items, send it through and Serenity Made will match accordingly.
  • Alternatively, choose the items you like the look of and send them through for pricing. Don’t forget approximate quantities.
  • After you know what you need, choose the finishes and fabrics. Serenity Made can send you some options if you need.
  • Make sure the time-frame suits your needs. Make a list of questions you would like to ask and send them through.

Furniture Manufacturing

Once you have confirmed all the products you need, it is time to get things underway! Production begins after deposit is received. Although Serenity Made does not provide finance, you are welcome to use your local finance companies.
The initial stages revolve around material purchase and preparation. It is important to note that items aren’t manufactured individually but in stages together.
From deposit to finished product takes between 30 and 45 days, depending on the size of the order, complexity of the items or access to the desired materials (for example, if you wish to send fabric it may take extra time to be received). But we will always make sure you are aware of the time frame prior to placing the order.
During the production process your items will be monitored and checked by Serenity Made’s quality control team to make sure they are up to standard and as requested. You are also more than welcome to visit and check the items yourself, or, send someone in your place.
Upon completion, you will receive pictures of your finished products and reports on status if required. Once confirmed and the balance is received your products will be on their way!
Takeaway Points

  • Once products are confirmed, production will commence upon receiving the deposit.
  • Manufacture time takes between 30 and 45 days depending on the products.
  • Serenity Made will quality control the items and provide updates along the way.
  • You are welcome to visit and check the items yourself or send someone in your place.

Receiving Your Venue Furniture

Serenity Made works with a variety of shipping companies. In turn, the shipping companies work with customs brokers in your local area who will walk you through the process for receiving your hospitality furniture. These companies can offer full door-to-door services or provide pick-up options if you prefer.
If you are experienced at import and have your own shippers, Serenity Made is happy to work with them. We can even help you consolidate your order if you have other products from other suppliers.
Once you receive your furniture, open it up as soon as practical and check for any problems that may have occurred during shipping. Let your Serenity Made project coordinator know if there are any problems so that a solution can be provided if needed.
Takeaway Points

  • Once you are happy with your items and paid the balance, Serenity Made can organise shipping for you.
  • If you have your own shipper, you are welcome to use them.
  • Serenity Made can offer consolidation services with your order if you have other items that need to be shipped.
  • The shipping company will put you in contact with a customs broker who will walk you through the process to have your furniture delivered.

Final Note on Ordering Hospitality Furniture

Ordering products from China can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Many companies have tried importing from China without having a presence within China and have suffered accordingly. In fact, many large companies that have previously setup in China just to monitor their manufacturers are now Serenity Made clients, realising that to maintain a successful presence in China is a business in itself. This is why Serenity Made is growing so fast and why it is worth at least your exploration. For more information, email to [email protected].
A note on confidentiality: Many companies, large and small, purchase through Serenity Made and prefer to remain anonymous. We respect that privacy and will only advertise our clients with their permission.