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21st January 2019

Every summer, ice cream and dipping in the pool always seems like heaven, which makes the pool a perfectly relatable venue to celebrate a wedlock in the summertime. With decorations floating on the crisp water, DJ playing on the poolside, there is no other theme that could combine romance and fun like a pool party. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Spice Up the Pool

There are some unique venue designs for a pool ceremony, like a chapel or retreat that are built in the middle of the pool, where everyone has to walk down the path to make their way into the room. This kind of venue allows us to enjoy the ornaments on the pool. Floating candles and flower petals are the conventional way to decorate the water, but how about upgrading it with the use of flowers and candles arrangements on circular or initials shaped foam? Or you can place some swan floats decorated with flowers to get a modern vibe. Another up-to-the-minute décor idea is using balloons. Tie the end of each string of helium-filled balloons with weights and scatter them around the pool —create layers by using various string lengths— or jazz up the pool by drifting loads of different sized blown up balloons. That last idea might sound so simple, but without a doubt will have remarkable impact! In the ceremony area, designating stools and ottomans will accentuate the modern vibe yet also create uniqueness.

Click these stools and choose the perfect ones for your style:

Chill Out Zone

To compliment a relaxing and fun pool wedding ambiance, don’t skip on hiring a DJ for the entertainment. They can play slow and romantic songs for the ceremony, and then more upbeat tunes as the party continues. A good mix of different kinds of music is essential to get the guests up and dancing. Setting up a lounge area in a few different spots will also help guests to unwind, so choosing the perfect furniture is quite significant. Use rattan chairs for a chilled out sense, or mix it with velvet to inject a little bit of sophistication.

Here are some lounges that we can make:

Pulling a Modern Vibe

Most brides will choose the white wedding dress, but if they want to pull something different, why not opt for a coloured wedding dress instead? It definitely will scream state-of-the-art style. If they’re interested in both ideas, changing outfits will solve the problem. A white dress could be used for the ceremony, and then a coloured dress for the reception. Win-win! Extending the cutting-edge theme, pick a sleek cake design to share with the invitees. Simple macarons and figs on a mirror glazed cake will do the trick, especially when topped with edible gold leaves.

Depending on the venue, reception tables could be positioned around the pool or in a separate area overlooking the pool. A squared or u-shaped setting is ideal for tables around the pool, however, for the separate reception area, more setting options can be applied, such as circular, wave or long tables.

Scroll down to see the chosen furniture:

Fun tips: After the party is over, why not let the guests have a jump in the pool? This would be the ultimate chill out that they could have at the party!

By Dian Nikë Moohen

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock