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28th September 2018

It’s the spring school holidays and many may be left wondering how to fill the school holiday weeks. The spring school holidays span over two weeks (from September 22 till October 7) and with the spring season bringing warm weather, it has never been a better time to get outside and enjoy outdoor living. This blog will detail some of the many ways to enjoy the outdoors and recommend a wide variety of commercial furniture to help you better enjoy the spring break.

Outdoor furniture to help you relax

Spend the holiday weeks relaxing outside, reclined in an outdoor sofa, while you watch the kids play.

Add the cushioned comforts of home to you covered outdoor areas with cushion less settings like the Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Set allowing you to add your own cushions and throws. Remember to bring your cushions and throws back indoors when the weather gets bad, so they don’t get wet or damaged.

Commercialoutdoor sofas like the Rattan Two Seater are fitted with a waterproof cushion, removing the need to worry about the sofa’s exposure to rain, hail or shine.

Furniture for a backyard picnic

Spend the spring holiday weeks lunching outside while enjoying the warm weather that spring brings. Enjoy the spring weather best with an outdoor picnic filled with fun finger food for the kids.

Picnics can prove to be difficult for young messy eaters, but furniture can be used to make backyard picnics a relaxing and mess free experience. A low sitting coffee table such as the Teak Low Table is the perfect picnic height. The Teak Low Table can also be left outside due to the table’s use of teak wood.

Thin framed coffee tables like the Leisure Cafe Table and the Quad Pod Wooden Table are also great for backyard picnics, as the thin frame allows you to sit comfortably with your legs under the table. However, these thin framed tables will need to be brought inside after their temporary outdoor use as they are not as durable as the teak alternative.  

Outdoor dining for the whole family

The spring school holidays are not only about making memories with your children but also with the whole family. Enjoy a large family outdoor dinner or lunch with outdoor dining tables like the Circular Teak Table and the Teak Outdoor Dining Table.

The Circular Teak Table and the Teak Outdoor Dining Table can be used in a large covered or uncovered area, as the teak wood is durable and resistant to the outdoor elements.

Those with no backyard and a narrow-covered space, like a balcony, can still enjoy outdoor dining with a bar table. A long slim bar table pushed up against a balcony railing accompanied by slim framed bar stools, like the Elan High Stool, the Scoop Bar Stool and the Valerie Miniforms Stool, will take advantage of the limited space, so you can in turn take advantage of the spring weather.  

Note by the Editor: If you would like more hints and tips on finding a cafe furniture supplier, please follow the link here.

By Tia Somerville

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