The Business of FurnitureThe Palace Supper Club

24th November 2017
Indoor fitout
Stunning atmosphere in the indoor section, the stools really compliment the scene.



The Palace Supper Club in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, brings a much needed touch of class to the dining scene.With an exquisite bar and lounge and spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, The Palace Supper Club was designed with elegance in mind… and the furniture is no exception.





Backed ottomans
The black backed ottomans and the marble top tables make for a gorgeous outdoor setting.

From the outset, their lovely designer demonstrated her vision, sparing no detail in the diagrams and descriptions of her choice pieces. By taking all the guesswork out of our task and working closely with us throughout the process, we were able to develop and manufacture beautifully backed ottomans, glamorous dining chairs, luxurious logo-cut marble tables and many other works of class.




For a truly refreshing and elegant dining experience, make your way to The Palace Supper Club and be sure to take in the exquisitely designed environment.