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6th October 2018

Queensland has experienced an array of wild weather this past week, with storm warnings bringing to light the risks of hail, rain and strong winds in southeast Queensland. News outlets warned residents about the dangerous weather and urged them to move cars away from trees, secure loose outdoor items and beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

Preparing for the wild weather and following weather warnings can save your car and loose outdoor items, such as outdoor furniture, from damage. However, wild weather is not the only thing that can damage your outdoor furniture. The day to day Queensland weather, with its harsh sun and scattered showers, can damage your outdoor items.

This blog will detail all the tips and tricks to protect your furniture, with commercial product recommendations and placement advice to help your outdoor furniture last in Queensland’s subtropical climate.

Protecting your furniture from the sun

Southeast Queensland and Brisbane in particular has 283 days of sunshine every year. All these days of sunshine are what makes Queensland the perfect place for outdoor dining, however, it can make your outdoor furniture look less than perfect.

Harsh sun exposure can cause outdoor furniture to fade and fray. Protect your furniture from the sun by covering your outdoor tables with thick tablecloths.

Thick tablecloths will help reduce colour fading from commercial tables like theWood Table, the Solid Wood Dining Table and theRound Outdoor Table. Indoor furniture positioned near a window can also fade, so it’s just as important to cover your indoor furniture as it is to cover your outdoor furniture.

Protecting your furniture from the rain

Protect your furniture from the occasional rainy day with a Foldable Outdoor Umbrella. Outdoor umbrellas are easy to put up and put away, so your outdoor furniture will have the protection it needs as it’s needed.  Year-round protection from the rain is also available with more permanent shelter options such as a gazebos and cabanas.

Commercial grade cabanas, such as the Rattan Cabana, will offer a light level of protection from the sun and rain. Built in gazebos can provide a more permanent form of protection from the heavy rain.

Balconies and verandas are the best from of coverage from heavy rainfall, as they are attached to a building and often follow or branch off the existing roof line.

Protecting your furniture from the extreme weather
Queensland’s wild weather can bring flooding, hail and high winds (greater than 200km/h). The storm season starts in November and ends in April, with November less than a month away it’s important to get prepared.

The Queensland Government recommends securing outdoor furniture and if able submerging plastic outdoor furniture, like the Replica Leaf Chair With Angled Legsand thePlastic Round Back Dining Chair, into a pool. Submerging and securing your furniture will prevent it from getting damaged or harming others.

By Tia Somerville

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