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1st August 2018

Gone are the days when brides wanted to get married in a traditional setting with big puffy sleeved dresses that made them look like a giant meringue. Sleek and modern weddings are sought after for that twenty-first century feeling, with clean lines and contemporary styles. Here are some thoughts on how to put together that nontraditional wedding.

Giraffe and cake

Choosing a Venue

One of the first paces to create this marvelous event is choosing a venue. Some brides and grooms might decide to have their special day in a park, manor, barn, even a greenhouse. But what about a museum with aesthetic fine points? This approach will be able to give the wedding that cutting-edge glance, as well as to show some sense of culture.

Dessert Table Layers 

dessert tableSelecting sweets with peculiar designs such as geometrical shapes will instantly make the table‘s styling look modernised and inviting. Opt for dessert stands with different heights to create an appealing display. Moreover, use plexiglass blocks as your stands to accentuate the new-fashioned appearance. Don’t forget to think about where to position confectionery as well as to create symmetry for the table’s balance. This way, it will look more organised and styled.

Take a look at these neat tables to showcase the desserts:

Cake Table

Even though all details are important in organising a wedding, the cake is one of the prime aspects which can make or break celebrations. Hence the cake table plays a compelling role in making sure that this party hero gets the spotlight it deserves. For creating a tidy look on modernistic theme, it is not necessary to use a tablecloth, especially if the cake table’s design is accomplishing a statement already. For some who think it might look a bit plain without linens, not to worry! There are some solutions. Try placing the cake table in front of a big window with natural lighting or a wall with captivating sleek patterns, instead of an unadorned wall. You can also use metallic or coloured cake stands (that match with the wedding colour scheme, of course) to capture interest. See the difference?

Click these tables below to select yours:


Champagne Display

wine glassesOne way to serve alcoholic beverages is to have a bar at the wedding. Another way is to have wine, champagne, or cocktail glasses arranged on a table. Have a crack at making it not so white-bread by garnishing each glasses with the classic lemon or strawberry slice. You can also use citrus peels, rock candy, even lavender stem for something out of the ordinary!

Tablescapes and Lounge Styling


Tablescapes create the overall look of a wedding reception, especially for a sit down affair. When designing them, think about the consistency of the whole wedding’s look. For a state-of-the-art atmosphere, opt for a simple tablescape styling with minimum but full impact pieces, such as golden or black cutlery, coloured napkins, and acrylic menus. Essential floral arrangements placed on top of different sized plexiglass cubes could be planted on the table as well. An uncomplicated chair or lounge design is perfect for the up-to-date themed wedding, on that account, designating black or white coloured furniture as the base then introducing some other colours to decorations will bring about some characters in the spree.

See some of our furniture range to create the look:

When choosing an unconventional theme for a wedding, consider constructing a minimal look on a distinctive venue and then incorporating current things. Let’s not forget that table layers are important, especially on dessert and reception tables. Find more inspirations on wedding furniture at Serenity Made, we’d be happy to assist you!

Images: Serenity Made and Shutterstock

by Dian Nikë Moohen