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20th October 2017

Styling a kitchen can be confronting but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to changing the kitchen, a little can go a long way to add new style to the space. Whether you’re modernising an outdated kitchen or adding character to the new space, these tips will help you style and redesign your kitchen.


Refacing cabinets are not the only way to add new colour or materials to the kitchen, painting and replacing door handles are easy ways to add both interest and style to the space.

If choosing to paint the kitchen cabinets, it’s important to use a colour that stands out. Contrasting colours will add emphasis to the shape of the cabinets by highlighting them and not hiding them like matching wall and cabinet colours would.

Using eye-catching cabinet handles can also cause the cabinets to stand out from the surrounding tones. Cabinet handles are easily replaced and can incorporate textures and materials beautifully, this is often seen in kitchens with stainless steel cabinet handles that accompany stainless steel appliances.


The kitchen shelf is the perfect place to put decorator items, especially for those wanting to decorate their kitchen without losing bench space. Decorator items, such as brightly framed pictures and decoratively placed cookbooks, can add colour to the space without the need to paint.

Painting is still an option and is highly recommended for those wanting their decorator items to stand out. You can create a beautiful floating effect with the decorator items by painting the shelves the same colour as the walls. Using the same or similar colours as the walls can cause the shape of the shelves to blend into the wall and almost disappear.

Similar effects can be achieved by painting the shelves the same colour as the cabinets, this can be really appealing especially when using decorator items that reflect the colour, texture or material of the cabinet handles.

Breakfast Bar

Decorator items can also brighten up the breakfast bar or kitchen island, vases with brightly coloured flowers and fruit bowls with a wide range of fruit are perfect for adding colour to the bare space.

Pair a decorated breakfast bar with backless stools, like the Den Backless Stool, the Hairpin Metal Frame Stool and the Wire Frame Tractor Stool, this will draw attention to the items on the bar and not the bar stools. Soft coloured bar stools like the Nile Metal Stool, the Lucy Metal Wire Bar Stool and the Back Supported Trendy Bar Stool use thin lines to frame the decorator items and provide back support when needed.

For those wanting to keep the table space clear of items, barstools can be used to add colour and detail to the space. Chinese manufactured bar stools like the Stainless Steel Legs Bar Stool  and the Sunmaster Stool are perfect for adding colour and style to the kitchen.

By Tia Somerville