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4th May 2020

Let’s face it, the hospitality game is a tough one. The competition is immense and everyone plays the game by their own rules. Getting ahead takes more than just a few good recipes and a good location. Even the furniture isn’t going to be the main drawcard, but every little bit helps, right? So here are 3 quick tips for buying restaurant chairs for your consideration.

Upholstered Furniture fabric
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1. Get Durable Chairs

Starting with the fabric, it needs to be at least 30,000 rubs on the Wyzenbeek Test (United States standard) or at

least 25,000 rubs on the Martindale Test. Choose fabrics that are easy to clean, such as polyester or blends. For outdoor pieces, make sure it is uv resistant and colorfast or your furniture will be fading within a few months.

The foam should be high-density foam and if for outdoor use needs to be quick-dry. It is better to be too firm to start with than too soft.

If it is iron or steel for outdoors, go for zinc-dip galvanised. This will last longer. Be careful when simply stating galvanised as many factories, particularly in Asia, will include electro-galvanisation in that term, and although not bad, the coating isn’t as thick as zinc dipped products.

Reinforced joints for wooden pieces are also good. Metal brackets can help to hold it all together, especially if your furniture is getting moved around a lot.

2. Order Early

If price is an issue and you want a larger selection, order early. Time allows customisation and manufacturing to the project rather than having to choose off the shelf. Choosing your own fabrics, colours and altering sizes can really add something to your venue

3. Get Your Height Right

Often overlooked but important for dining. Make sure the top of the table is no more than 30cm higher than the seat and no less than 25cm. A good middle figure is around 27cm difference. If it is too high or too short it will feel quite awkward to eat at, particularly for shorter people.

Restaurant furniture
Even a small restaurant needs a theme that pulls it all together.

I hope that helps a little. For more tips be sure to pay attention to our posts or scroll back through to see what you can find. Good luck and I hope to see your menu soon!