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30th November 2018

Small work places and work groups may celebrate the end of the working year with a Christmas celebratory dinner, however such occasions are impractical for large organisations with tens of to hundreds of employees.

Large workplaces with large numbers of employees commonly organise Christmas parties, rather than a simple dinner, to celebrate the end of the working year with all the staff members. Restaurants are popular venues for these celebratory events as they are already equipped to serve and seat tens of to hundreds of guests a night.

Pre-booked and restaurant organised Christmas parties can take advantage of using unique seating layouts. Serenity Made offers a wide variety of wholesale commercial grade restaurant tables and chairs to suit any floor plan, so you’re sure to find the perfect seating and table selection for any upcoming events.

Serenity Made supplies a wide range of commercial and event appropriate furnishings with round tables, square tables and rectangle tables available in a variety of materials and designs to suite any indoor and outdoor dining space.

This blog will link event appropriate products, provide placement advice and suggest layout ideas to help you decorate, style and organise any upcoming Christmas parties to perfection.

Round dining tables and suggest layouts

Round dining tables are ideal for odd numbered guests as, unlike the square tables, they aren’t limited to seating one person per side.

Round tables, like theContemporary Wooden Coffee Table, theCircular Teak Table, the Round Outdoor Table and the Ming Round Table, are easy to place and easy to style with only a few placement guidelines to ensure easy access to seats.

  1. Ensure adequate spacing between seats (setting the dining table will show clearly how many plates/people will fit on/around the table).
  2. Ensure adequate spacing between tables (check there is enough space between tables by testing if two people can walk between the tables when the seats are occupied).

Beyond these guidelines, that should be followed when placing any type of table, there are no restrictions to table layout and styling, you can place the tables and chairs in a spiral layout, a circular layout or any layout that comes to mind. The floor plan’s design is only restricted by the space, the number of guests and your imagination.

Square to rectangle dining tables and mixed layouts

I touched on the advantages of square and rectangle dining tables last week, and their ability to be pushed together to create more floor space and longer dining tables.

Brining tables together will allow you to control the length of each table to create the perfect sized table to suite the number of guests. Combining square tables together will not only allow you to control the number of guests seated but also the overall look and layout of the space.

Use a mix of shorter and longer tables to create a unique floor plan design. Round tables can also add an extra element of interest but be sure to coordinate the chairs and the table settings to ensure the round tables are well styled and not out of place.

By Tia Somerville

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