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21st September 2018

Some may have jumped the gun with spring cleaning and spring decorating on September 1st, as the official southern hemisphere spring isn’t set to start until the 23rd of September. This late spring start is called the spring equinox and is reported to be the day when the southern hemisphere receives more sun than the northern hemisphere.

With the weather down under getting warmer, many are excited to pack away their winter décor and redecorate their freshly spring cleaned home. This blog will highlight all the must have spring furnishings, and give you placement advice and commercial furniture recommendations, that are sure to put a spring in your step.

Spring colours to get on board with

Winter will soon be over, and as the weather warms up so should the colours in your home. Warm pastels, like pink and purple, and dusty or powdered colours, such as blue and green, will help brighten your home. Add spring colours to the home with upholstered commercial furniture, such as dining chairs, sofas and armchairs, to combine the warm spring colours with the warm upholstery.

Commercialdining chairs like the Goldlegs Dining Chair, the Suji Dining Chair and the Umei Dining Chair have a spring coloured upholstered seat that combines the warmth of winter with the colourful charm of spring.

Spring materials you really can’t miss

Winter was filled with pleated and tasseled texture, but spring is toning down the intensity of the texture. Marie Claire highlightedfabrics like the denim, that has a matte surface and flat texture, for the Australian spring season. Add denim to your home by showcasing your denim jackets on display coat racks.

Replicate the thick and minimal textured design of denim with spring coloured sofas like the Coco Velvet Armchair, the Tufted Velvet Armchair and the Pink Velvet Armchair In Brass Socks that have a velvet cover. The thickness and flat texture of velvet mimics the thickness and texture of denim, and gives you the denim texture of spring with all the velvet comfort a home needs.

Spring styling tips

Those wanting to redecorate without completely refurnishing the space can take advantage of the spring cleaning season by removing winter furnishings and repositioning furniture.

Removing winter throws, fur cushions, thick rugs and winter coloured décor will instantly lighten the space. Bring in some spring colour by replacing those winter décor items with spring inspired décor.

Repositioning your furniture will also help create a spring inspired and styled home. Winter is all about getting warm and cosy, and so positioning soft décor and furniture close together can be welcoming during those cold months.

However, when it comes to spring a light and flowy vibe is welcomed. Help create a welcoming spring home by providing lots of space between the furniture.

By Tia Somerville

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