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2nd November 2018

Cyclone season has begun and will continue through till April next year, Queensland is predicted (40% chance) to experience four tropical cyclones during the season. While the chance and rate of cyclones hitting the eastern region of Australia have decreased, compared to previous years, there is still a risk of heavy rainfall and flooding.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reports that tropical lows that fail to become cyclones, and residue from old cyclones, can “cause widespread rainfall and dangerous flooding”.

Last year much of Queensland saw rising waters in the wake of cyclone Debbie with reports detailing south-east Queensland to have received more than 400 millimetres of rain. The flash flooding, strong winds and direct damage from cyclone Debby caused homes, boats and their contents to become damaged or destroyed, with many people loosing a long list of furniture, electronics and other loved items.

While it’s difficult to protect your items from unforeseen damage (such as a fallen tree hitting furniture) there are preventative measures (storing, securing and using appropriate furniture) you can take to protect your furniture.

Safely storing outdoor furniture

Loose items are recommended to be submerged into a pool, filled with water or tied down. Commercial outdoor furniture like the Egg Shell Plastic Chair and the Replica Feather Chair With Round Legs are made with plastic and can be put into a pool to protect them from getting caught in the strong winds.

Outdoor furniture, unable to be submerged, should be secured down or stored in a sheltered place away from the high winds and heavy rain that cyclones bring.

The James Cook University’s Personal Cyclone Preparedness and Safety Procedures plan advises  people to secure their loose items before or up to the moment the cyclone warning is issued (depending on official advice provided by your local authorities). 

Securing outdoor furniture

If your unable to store your outdoor furniture inside, or submerge it into a pool, you can tie the furniture down. Tie down areas should be established before the beginning of the cyclone season and the equipment to secure the furniture should be on hand throughout the season. 

Furniture resistant to rising water

Tying down outdoor furniture will reduce the risk of it becoming loose in the high winds, however the tied down furniture will not be protected from heavy rain or rising water. Similarly, furniture stored indoors can still be exposed to large amounts of water from flash floods (unless stored in a high place). 

Flooding can damage wooden furniture beyond repair and, while wooden chairs can be placed high on top of a table during flooding, wooden table legs are difficult to protect. Wood and metal tables like the Ash Wood Dining Tableand theDouble Pronged Hairpin Tablehave a wooden tabletop and a metal base causing them to be more flood resistant than a full wooded table.

Serenity Made offers a range of separated tabletops and bases, giving you the freedom to customise your furniture to suit your needs.

By Tia Somerville

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