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6th November 2018

When it comes to weddings, it can be overwhelming for some newly engaged couples to decide on what kind of celebration they would like to have. Some want a big and spectacular celebration, some want a laidback and more intimate wedding. There are some pros and cons if the latter option is considered, just like any other wedding theme. We have rounded up some reasons why your clients could go ahead with a smaller celebration, so keep scrolling!

Affordable Luxury

Budget is always one of the first things in question when planning a wedding, the bigger it is, the higher the cost is going to be to cover the party. But with small weddings, the budget can be allocated elsewhere, such as being able to choose having luxury blooms instead of the standard ones, a better venue, cake, menus, even a better dress for the bride.

Styling the ceremony should be a little bit easier too as there won’t be as many chairs to transport and arrange. However, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that it’s going to be less complicated as you still need to style the arbour and the aisle. Flowers like peonies, orchids and hydrangeas could be quite expensive, especially if the amount needed is more substantial, hence if the wedding is smaller, the bride can choose to have this indulgence to decorate their day!

Take a look at some chairs that will suit this wedding theme:

Limited Guests List

Wedding table

Another advantage of having an intimate wedding is that the newlyweds will be able to mingle and have more one on one time with each guest who they know personally, instead of having to entertain the unfamiliar faces. Putting to use lush and luscious flower arrangements in the function area will make up for the fewer invitees and draw guests’ attention to the wedding’s styling. Installing suspended hydrangeas on the ceilings and arranging it like clouds will definitely make a statement and set an impression. If the venue that was chosen already has feature plants, such as a greenhouse, then it’s going to make the styling breezier. Simply place the bouquet in the middle of the reception table, and then adorn it with candles. Why not use coloured candles instead of plain white ones? They happen to be on trend at the moment and they are guaranteed to give an extra zing to your table décor!

These tables would be ideal for the reception area:

Grazing Table

Wedding plates

Using three-course menus alongside the classic place settings with porcelain and glassware would be perfect for couples who seek timeless designs in their reception. But for casual couples who would like to deliver an out of the ordinary celebration, how about serving all the food on the table? This grazing table trend has taken over any kind of celebration lately, and we can see why! Exquisite for an intimate wedding, as the guests can share plates that could lead as a casual conversation starter. Even though it looks pretty easy to style —you can pretty much put a variety of food on the big plates and serve them— but using layers on the table will pique the guests’ interest and let’s face it, it’s going to look more styled.

by Dian Nikë Moohen

Nikë Moohen is an owner of MARBLE + BLOSSOMS, a handmade chocolate couture e-boutique based in Australia. She has collaborated and sent her chocolates worldwide, including New York to wedding designer Galia Lahav for Fashion Week 2016. Nikë is a former lifestyle editor in a girl’s magazine who has written about fashion, lifestyle, education and music festival, also styled various photoshoots for the magazine’s content. She’s a creative soul who holds a bachelor degree in communication, and has always had passion for fashion, styling and designing. Visit her website to say hello. 

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock