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5th December 2018

Spring is nearly over in Australia, and summer is coming in just a couple of weeks time (at the time of posting, it has arrived!). Last week we covered one of the most desired weddings during the sunny season — the beach wedding, this week we will talk about another nuptial theme which will be superb for summertime, the greenhouse wedding.

Why the Greenhouse?

Wedding arbour

It is not a secret that summer is often favoured to hold a celebration for its bright and fun vibes. However, let’s not forget that during this season, chances of rain and storms are higher as well, so having indoor celebrations will save you from worrying in case the worst comes. If you think ‘what’s the point of having a summer wedding if it’s going to be indoor anyway?’ — I agree. Hence we think that a greenhouse wedding will be the win-win solution. You can still enjoy the beauty of warm weather trees and flowers, yet also be protected from the rain. Think about those tall and magnificent French windows surrounding the affair, watching the nature’s splendour from inside the greenhouse and through the glass. We are sold!

Putting to use certain types of furniture will enhance the affair’s tune you’re trying to achieve. For a traditional celebration, using wooden chairs are ideal to tie together the whole theme, and for a more up-to-date style, wire or metal frame seats are perfect to get texture’s variety in the design.

Click these chosen seats below to get yours:



Savoury Table and Bar Area

Serving nibbles while guests are waiting for the newlyweds to enter the reception is necessary. Cheese and fruit platters on the savoury table will keep the invitees entertained while they’re socialising. Choose menus consisting of seasonal fruits, cheese, olives, and savouries cut into bite-sizes, complete with water crackers and dips to be served on the table. Baguette slices, olive oils and shaved ham can also be presented if you like. Styling it with a sufficient amount of floral and greenery arrangements will make a statement on the table, as well as placing candles throughout.

Opting for big tables like these are excellent to present your savouries:

Supplying beverages are essential too, accordingly, setting up a bar area will surely be a crowd pleaser. How about styling it with a menu board adorned with blooms and greens?

Here are some furniture pieces to choose for your bar area:

Reception Area’s Seating Design

There are a few seating arrangement options to choose from for the reception area. The first option is the classic circular patterns which will allow everyone on the same table to have conversations with each other. The second one is the long banquet-style table. If the venue permits, one long table will look magnificent and making seating assignments a breeze. Nobody will feel not as important as the other guests because everyone is assigned on the same table. However, if there’s not enough space in the site, arranging two or three long tables for the invitees will work as well. Last but not least, the u-shaped seating arrangement. This design is perfect if there is an obstruction in the middle of the spot or if you desire to use the middle space for a dancing area. It’s also excellent to give easy access for the waiting staff to attend the tables.

by Dian Nikë

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock