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26th November 2018

Social media has given the creative world more exposure than ever. With almost everyone sharing their special moments in life, we fortuitously receive all sorts of information and ideas to be applied to our own special moments, such as the wedding. People crave to produce a unique and one of a kind nuptial which is worthy to be posted on Instagram. One of the themes that will capture people’s attention is an art gallery wedding. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Distinctive Seating Arrangements

For couples who appreciate creativity and art, where could be more ideal than celebrating their big day in a venue where craft is the focal point, such as an art gallery? Surrounded by intriguing paintings or sculptures that are surely going to pique guests’ interest. For a cutting-edge couple, the modern art gallery would make an excellent vow exchange and reception area. Statement pieces such as floral cloud installations made from fluffy look plants like pampas grass or hydrangeas will instantly spruce up the ceremony area, more so when accompanied by clean and sleek chairs for the seating arrangements. One seating arrangement that we don’t see very often is the spiral. Not only unique, but this composition is also remarkable to allow each guest to see the bride walking in front of them closely to make her way to the groom in the centre, rather than walking down the aisle. This pattern will also enable all guests to witness the vow exchange with less obstruction as there won’t be too many rows in front of them.

Flower Display Boxes and Neon Signage

If you want to keep the art and uniqueness in this affair, try to set up flower display boxes after the fashion of Mark Colle’s design as an entrance to the reception room. These perspex display cubes will definitely be art themselves, especially when illuminated with the proper lighting. In front of the reception room door, you could also place a signboard painted with acrylic multicoloured neon paints. This signage could be functioned as a welcome sign or guests’ seating charts.

Make Your Own Personalised Art

Pay attention to little details, including food. While taste is obviously one to consider, the designs, as well as how they styled and presented are also significant. As for decorations, keeping the suspended floral decorations that you have as ceremony décor in the function means maintaining continuity, and if you’re up for it, why not add spray painted leaves on the arrangements? Gold or silver paint is always magnificent to infuse luxury, while pastel or neon colours are marvellous to implant fun and artsy look. Take your colour scheme from the hanging flowers to the reception table by using the same hue on your place settings. Colour blocked chargers, plates and drink wares will serve this purpose, as well as using hand-painted napkins. Since art is the theme here, how about hand paint the napkins yourself, or custom make them if you don’t have the time? In case you’re looking for some inspirations, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at Tiff Manuell’s art to get some ideas. The colour combinations are absolutely spectacular and cheerful, absolutely exquisite for modern art affair!

Set up a nook where guests can relax and snap some pictures for their social media. This is a special moment that need to be celebrated and shared after all.

by Dian Nikë Moohen

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock