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1st November 2018

As we mentioned in this blog about en vogue weddings, keeping an open eye on the latest trends are crucial when you are planning on creating the up-to-the-minute wedding. However, cherry-picking the trends are also essential since the festivity needs to represent the couple’s personalities too. For those who are looking for an idea to knock up the  on-trend yet romantic wedding, you’ve come to the right place. That is exactly what we are going to discuss right now, how to create a charming state-of-the-art nuptials for chic brides. From the unique seat choice to the glowing neon signs, keep scrolling to find out the latest rage.

Lucite Stands and Geometrical Panels

Once the venue for the ceremony and reception is decided, you can start to plan and visualise the celebration. On the vow exchange area, placing some tall Perspex cubes as the flower stands will work incredibly well, topped with your choice of pink, peach, blush or other pastel hues blooms in various heights of glass vases to get that enchantment vibe. Also set them behind guests’ seats to create visual drama. Modern couples might choose a background as opposed to arbour for the ceremony, one of the options is coloured geometrical acrylic panels. For the ceremony seats, why not choose low stools or ottomans instead of chairs? They look pleasantly a la mode and unordinary at the same time!

Take a look at what we have in store:

The Hero Cake

For you who have sweet tooth, cake is unequivocally the hero of the party — apart from the styling, of course. So, deciding on what cake to choose is not an easy job to do. The flavour, filling, as well as decoration,  need to be considered carefully. Some of you might have heard of Ladurée, the famous French bakery that has taken over the world thanks to its double-decker macaron. Did you know that this reputable pâtisserie has also teamed up with Vera Wang and launched confectionery collections? That’s right, two of the most coveted things in wedding industry are collaborating. How about that! If you are interested, act fast, because they only do special orders for these special cakes through 2018.

Choose these tables to showcase the bridecake:

Neon Signage

Have you noticed that it seems like neon signs are everywhere lately? From restaurant to interior design, this new décor has definitely taken over. The fun and quirkinesses of this particular ornamentation gets people talking, so how about adorning the reception lounge area with these eye-catching pieces? Hang the signs on the wall as a feature and opt to style with comfortable sofas around it to wrap up the spot.

Here’s what we have in mind:

Unplugged Ceremony

With the importance of social media these days, we often see that some couples have created hashtags for their weddings. However, more and more newlyweds are deciding to do the unplugged ceremony, where they ask the invitees to switch their mobile devices off instead. We are sold in this new trend, seeing that the vow exchange will feel more sacred and engaging. Not to worry, the guests will still be able to take some pictures once the ceremony is done, then what’s left to do is to mingle and have fun!

by Dian Nikë Moohen

Nikë Moohen is an owner of MARBLE + BLOSSOMS, a handmade chocolate couture e-boutique based in Australia. She has collaborated and sent her chocolates worldwide, including New York to wedding designer Galia Lahav for Fashion Week 2016. Nikë is a former lifestyle editor in a girl’s magazine who has written about fashion, lifestyle, education and music festival, also styled various photoshoots for the magazine’s content. She’s a creative soul who holds a bachelor degree in communication, and has always had passion for fashion, styling and designing. Visit her website to say hello.

Photos: Serenity Made and Shutterstock