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8th October 2018

As the wedding season kicks off, many different wedding ideas and inspirations are starting to float around. We are thrilled to bring you another theme — resort wedding. If you own a resort or manage one, you might want to keep reading. This celebration might sound like a great deal of work for the couple, especially if they are planning to hold the occasion out of the country, but imagine how much fun everyone is going to have at the end! Family and friends get to relax, not to mention the joy of travelling and experiencing new adventures together.

Most resorts are offering a party organiser, so why not let the clients know the benefits of using your facilities? A local planner tends to know better about who, what, where, and how to create a memorable resort wedding. Just make sure to communicate well to get the same opinion in order to make the event personal and go smoothly.

Update the Seating Arrangements

An arbour placed looking over the scenery will be the best way to enhance the spectacular view. For the seating, align them in classic rows facing the arbour, or position the seats in a U-shape for an up-to-date look. These arrangements will allow the guests to enjoy the vow exchange view, as well as the panoramic surroundings. To achieve the up-to-the-minute look, clean and uncomplicated styling is key. Freshly cut white roses and anthuriums tangled with pampas grass will look amazing to get modern ambiance. Place them near the arbour, alongside some lanterns to romanticise the area.

Shop the key pieces to nail this wedding style :

Create Layers on the Bar Area

Depending on the resort’s location, food and beverage menus could be varied. Try to offer carte du jour based on what’s local and fresh rather than pushing to have some menus that are hard to find around the area and might not be as fresh. For example, if your resort is located on an island, serving seafood might be the way to go. As to the savoury table, why not serve smoked salmon on crackers with dill canapés, maybe some oyster and mayonnaise? Don’t forget to supply beverages that will compliment the food, such as ale and mojitos. Speaking of which, dress the bar area consistent with the arbour style. Keep it simple yet polished with the same flower arrangements in vases then put them in the middle of the tables. Choose high stools to get different layers in the overall wedding look and also as a distinct style from the reception spot.

Pick your high stools down below:

Style the Cabanas

When styling a modern resort wedding, opt to create a casual appearance on the entire style. One of the options is to create a lounge area where guests can mingle and chill out. Assign relaxed furniture like armchairs and sofas, complete with floral adorned coffee tables. Here is a not so ordinary idea — use the cabanas in place of lounges. You can leave them the way they are, but how about putting a little table in the middle and arrange some cushions around it? This sure will make an everlasting impression among the guests!

Take a look at what we have in store to get this look:

by: Dian Nike Moohen

Nikë Moohen is an owner of MARBLE + BLOSSOMS, a handmade chocolate couture e-boutique based in Australia. She has collaborated and sent her chocolates worldwide, including New York to wedding designer Galia Lahav for Fashion Week 2016. Nikë is a former lifestyle editor in a girl’s magazine who has written about fashion, lifestyle, education and music festival, also styled various photoshoots for the magazine’s content. She’s a creative soul who holds a bachelor degree in communication, and has always had passion for fashion, styling and designing. Visit her website to say hello.

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